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India 2014 ?

One of the most crucial election in the Indian History. When the nation is done with 10 years of misrule. Yes’ I’m completely and outrightly against Indian National Congress. 

BJP is fighting this election on 1 man agenda and AAP are fighting on a 1 point agenda. No party is out for good politics. The opportunistic parties (regional parties) are holding their cards close to their chest; so that they could see which way the result is going and fall that way.

Congress hasn’t been spending too much on the campaigning side. BJP  on the other hand leaving every little to spend after elections. Regional parties that are in power haven’t aligned anyway yet and they are paying huge amount of money to the voters. So, what does this mean?

The worst ever time for any hopeful Indian who wants to change the way the ‘system’ is functioning. I have always been out rightly against ONE PERSON being the face of the nation. What happened when Indira was Congress? What happened when she over ruled Kamaraj? What happened when Amma came to power previous time? What happend when Mayawathi came to a simple majority? What will happen when a guy leaves his CM post just to contest in National elections? What happens when a party contests an National elections on 1 Point agenda; like “Remove Congress” “Corruption” “India Shinning”.

Has any one party talked in a big way about agriculture? Power Crises? Kashmir? Central India? North East? No it did not matter to them! They talk about Modi wearing different hats! Mother-Son bonding! and some things which are too personal! The nation can not afford these talks now!  AAP’s manifesto talks about ‘swaraj’ for 3-4 pages but talks about farmers’ livelihood for half page and national security for half page!! DO i want to vote for them?!

The only prayer i have is miracle! Yes; i want a miracle to happen and Indian public to vote for 1 alliance and after that is an another different prayer for that alliance to last! And then to deliver to the promise.

What the nation doesn’t want is another election in a year or two. With the economy and the inflation at this point the nation cant afford it.

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You are doing an awesome job of whatever you are doing, no one else can do better than you… So dont worry, and do carry on


The Next Government?

In 2014 we would be having the general elections of the world’s largest democracy. This election in my perspective is one of the most important one in India’s development history. I personally want to see if the FB generation(which I’m a part off) “Checks-in" in a voting booth and takes pride in it. Rather than liking some movement online which is against/for some cause and feel contended.

The reason why I feel this is one of the most important election is because, in the past few years we have seen scam after scam, shame after shame being proven in the court of the land. We feel the problem is with the leader who does not TALK much and afraid of facing the people and also of the ballot box. And a prospective PM candidate of the same party who many of us still think he is immature for this role and also has not proved anything in national level

People are getting restless. We want a CHANGE. Okay, now what change do we want? As we always do, support the other biggest national political party, BJP. This party has a man as its prospective candidate who has had Development as his main goal in his tenure as the Head of the State of GUJARAT. Wow, in Ravi Shastri’s words ’ this is what the doctor ordered for India’. Now, lets all join and make this heard all over the country. Lets raise the voice for him and make everyone aware that there is no better option than him.

So, is it going to be easy for him? Does he and his party just needs to the ‘right thing’ by campaigning for development and against a party which has made that word an archaic? NO, yes you read it correctly ,it is not easy for him to govern and be the leader of the world’s biggest democracy. He has a big hurdle in his own alliance partner from Bihar. Nitish has a problem with Modi . He thinks Modi is very communal to lead the country. Hmm, people especially in the political clan are Grand-masters in moving the communal/caste coin. But, people might have forgotten or might think the Gujarat riots may be a trivial issue to hold against Modi. But, the families of those who were affected can not forget in their lifetime. I suppose Nitish thinks with the development and turn around that he has done with a state like Bihar. He thinks, he too is ready for THE POST.

But, People!, don’t we think we are missing a point a here? Do we want A person to RULE the country or a Government to govern us? My biggest fear is not which political party comes to power? Its Who and How. I personally think we should still VOTE for the Person we ACTUALLY VOTE for. Isn’t this basics of democracy, elect our representative. Now, I’m asked a question for which i truly do not have an answer, “If not Modi? Name a leader”

What Indian needs now is a Leader who can lead a government and not a leader who can run a government. The later, I’m very cynical and also fear it. We need a political party which is democratic and also has a stable leadership within themselves. We need a political alliance which understands how to work as a team. We need a Leader who has Development as his main goal and a administration which can take forward few good things this government has done. Lastly, We need a society that is politically aware and non-ignorant.

These above lines are only my views and opinions. As any other responsible citizen of this nation, have expressed my views and thoughts. I’m always open for discussions. As i believe more we talk, more we are aware.

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